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Love the game ...

Your guide to tennis etiquette!

A little consideration


All we ask is that you consider other players on the courts.  Most of what follows is common sense but respect these guidelines and you will find friendly, competitive tennis more fun than ever.


If you want to know more – view the LTA rules.

That ball was out!

You call the ball on your side of the net. If you saw the ball out, it is out - your opponent has to accept it with good grace.  But you have to be sure. If you are in any doubt, the ball is in!  Don’t suggest to your opponent that you will play a let (ie play the point again) and don’t agree to do so if he or she asks. For a start it lengthens the game, then it undermines your ability to make a judgement and at worst a dominant player has an opportunity to steamroller his or her opponent.

You may of course challenge your opponent's call. The most effective approach is to ask if he or she is quite sure. If they are not, then the point is yours.  Remember people make honest mistakes (especially from bad angles) so don't assume they are cheating deliberately! 

There’s a ball on court..

Any balls on your side of the court are your responsibility, and if you are receiving it is your job to make sure they are returned to the server. In fact, your opponent should never need to come to your side of the court. 


If a ball heads off to a neighbouring court, don’t rush after it. Wait till a suitable break in your own match and crucially, wait till whoever is playing on the neighbouring court has finished their point.


Let’s play a let...

Just say no if it is a disputed line call but if the point is interrupted in another way, this is the fairest thing to do.  So, if a ball, another player or anything else rolls onto court, either one of you can call a let.  Simply replay the point when the court is clear.


Keeping score

This is the server’s responsibility and the easiest way is to announce the score at the beginning of each point.  If your opponent disagrees try to track back the points.  If you really can’t agree on the score, you must go back to the last point you both agree on.  By the way, if you are receiving, don’t call out the score yourself – when you know the etiquette it is funny how irritating this can be!

Letting off steam

Emotions are part of the game, but if you swear and shout – even if it is only at your racket – you will probably put your opponent off their game and may well offend them with your language.  Please keep the chit chat, the screaming and the shouting to a minimum!

If the courts are busy

When it's busy play the best of 5; otherwise best of 7 games.

Courts - coaching

Coaching sessions take place on both Saturday and Sunday mornings(weather permitting), so courts are not usually available for general use.

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